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New Partership

During the past years, I have successfully brought to fruition many business deals of significance, substance and importance, operating in the “MICE” field (Meeting, Incentive, Conventions, Special Events), working from concept through delivery to review, always delivering a return on investment for my clients.

I have worked effectively and efficiently with large corporations, which hold Incentive Houses of weight and note, and for over 20 years, I have represented selected local DMCs operating in the following areas:

The MICE ‘offer’ and opportunity is ideal for any destination and it is for this reason that I would like to share my interest with you today.
Please let me know whether you might be interested in exploring this opportunity, as I believe I am perfectly placed to be the MICE representative for the Italian market, which experiences continued growth and development.

My basic serviceS

Based on my extensive experience within the MICE business,

below you can find the services that I provide:

Including in the Joint&Venture Web-site the description of your activity, your goals, general information.

Including your company in all Joint&Venture sales printed material.

Including your company in Joint&Venture annual gadget.

Including your company in the “Unusual Infos” - Joint&Venture MICE News Letter, a professional newsletter, with news regarding your country that will be sent to all the Mice File in according with the news that your company will send us.

Including your company in the Joint&Venture Power-Point presentation.

Quarterly Report regarding the news and the activities done.

Organization of Fam Trip – not compulsory but suggested

Regular Sales Calls in areas where an overnight is not necessary (completed full presentation of your company and the otherJoint&Venture’s Dmc’s) in the form of sales visits, or phone-call with a key focus on Mice Field.

Forwarding of group requests, follow up of groups (not in operation field) that your company will communicate to JoinVenture on a
regular basis. (we have created a specific form to be used)

Delivering brochures on request and always after the visit with a “thank you” email to the client.

Submission of the Marketing Plan: A compulsory addendum to the contract which includes the costs of all the promotional events,
dinners, cocktails or any other marketing action addressed to the Italian MICE agencies in order to promote all our partners. The plan is
subject to change every year based on the type of activities conducted.

Subject to your interest in my offer, I would happily and promptly provide you with more detail regarding my methodologies, appropriate contacts, contacts for references and testimonials, and my fixed and variable costs.


I look forward to hearing from you, hoping that you would offer me the opportunity to meet with you and share my many experiences, ideas and innovations.

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